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Companionship Care

Companionship Care Services - Trust Us To Provide The Care You Need

As people grow older, life starts to slow down, at Mona Healthcare, we understand that it can be difficult to plan various activities around your busy schedule. This can arise mainly when you have ageing family members nearby or even across the country, it is of great help to have a friendly and caring companion who visits regularly. Companion care services assist and become a trusted one, who can keep you and your loved one socially engaged in their own home and also accompany them on their visits with family, friends and other social gatherings. We extend our helpful services in Kent & London.


At Mona Healthcare, all of the care services are placed at the centre of your care plan and our approach to companionship care is the same. Once you reach out to us, we will ensure that your every need and requirement is taken care of, providing you with the type and level of companionship care you desire. Our companionship carers are handpicked for their kind, empathetic personalities, and we match the companion to your hobbies and interests.


Why is companionship important?

Companionship comes with many benefits impacting both the mental and physical health of a person. Any social interaction can be an essential factor in preventing isolation and loneliness in elderly people. We understand the value of having a friendly and trusted visitor to communicate with. Our team can go above and beyond, helping with daily activities. With companionship for the elderly, we aim to bring a smile to someone’s face. 
At Mona Healthcare, all the professionals are experienced in every level of home care- ranging from dealing with various mental and physical health conditions. The companionship care services in Kent offer an alternative to residential home care, enabling the loved ones to stay at home and enjoy one-to-one full-time attention on their terms in familiar and relaxed surroundings. 

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Benefits of companion care services -

Companionship can allow you to regain your independence by getting out in the community and enhancing your self-esteem.  Our professionals can lend their support to you however and whenever needed. The benefits of companionship care incorporate a wide range of possibilities, sharing interests and personality traits. This way, both can benefit from a genuine friendship built on trust and mutual understanding. Our companion care can help to take the first step towards meeting new people, rekindling old hobbies and taking up various new interests.

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Your companion can help with certain essential aspects:


General companionship

Our expert companion will be there as a friendly face and provide a fun, compassionate feeling throughout the week.


Help with your weekly shopping

If you think you need extra assistance, that can be even shopping, A companion can either collect the necessities for you or accompany you to the shops.


Assistance with domestic tasks

Our caregivers will provide friendly companionship and also can help out around the home with various domestic tasks like laundry and cleaning.


Cooking your favourite meals

Your companion can even prepare your favourite meal for you at times when you want, and can even sit and share the meal with you.


Helping with travel arrangements

Travelling long distances might seem to be a difficult aspect, but a companion can help to plan a long journey and also accompany you.


Ensuring your comfort at home

Whether it is about plumping the pillows, adjusting the heating or tidying things, your companion care will help you to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The Benefits of Companion Care Servies -

Our companion care services in Kent & London offer a wide range of advantages, making them an essential resource for the elderly and their families. Here are some of the key benefits:

Improve Overall Wellbeing:

Our companion care can majorly improve the overall well-being of elderly individuals. Having a friendly and caring companion around you can help to brighten their days, reduce loneliness, and contribute to their emotional and mental health.

Reduce Feelings of Isolation:

Isolation is a common issue mostly among the elders. Our companion care provides regular social interaction, helping the seniors feel more connected to the world around them.

Help with Basic Needs:

At Mona Healthcare, the companion providers are there to assist with every basic need, like meal preparation, medication reminders etc. This support enables the seniors to maintain their independence naturally.

Get Active Again:

The companion providers encourage and assist with physical activities, helping the elderly people to stay active and maintain their strength and mobility. This could be a simple thing like going for a short walk together or even talking through some exercises to keep them moving,

Get Outdoors:

The companion care services facilitate outings and trips and allow the seniors to explore the world beyond their homes. The companions can help to make these wishes practical, whether it is going to a beloved park or a long-awaited travel destination.

Know That Someone Is There:

The presence of a companion provides peace of mind. Seniors and their families can rest easy knowing there’s someone trustworthy and caring around to offer support and assistance. Having a companion carer also helps to maintain a sense of routine and may give the client something to look forward to when the family are not able to visit.

Find a New Hobby:

Companions can help elderly relatives discover and engage in new hobbies or rekindle old interests, enhance mental stimulation and personal growth. The companion care assistants are familiar with local groups and activities and to participate in these can be arranged as a part of the care package.

We bring about a team of personal assistants, who come with in-depth training and are handpicked for their kind and compassionate approach. Whether you need a visit or live-in care, we will provide you with a companion who shares your hobbies and interests to help you bond easily. With companion care services, you can have a trusted companion who will help to socially engage in your home and accompany you everywhere you visit.

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